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Celebrate Love with the special someone closest to your heart in the most romantic way possible as Valentine’s Day – the day of love is here. Come express it the first time or give a new meaning to your relationship with most thoughtful or romantic Valentine gifts online. Here, the range below will help you find the best love gift for girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend and everyone whom you want to greet Happy Valentine’s Day. Explore the range below-
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Online Valentine Gift Ideas to Win Over Hearts Again and Again!

Send Valentine gifts online in India giving your wishes wings to reach the desired ones on time! The madness of love is about to blossom all around as Valentine’s Day is on its way! With no time wasting, hassles and confusions, lovebirds whether young or old all around the world are gearing up to show their beloved that they are deeply and madly in love and how much they really mean to them.

Love seems to redefine every year with Valentine’s Day as people leave no stone unturned to make a difference in the life of the ones who really care about. Since February 14th is the official day for people to celebrate the wonderful feeling of being in love, GiftaLove present online Valentine gifts 2019 to offer heartwarming, impressive and unique gifting selections to the customers, all again this year.

Do You Know About These Facts Behind the Origin of Valentine's Day?

There are many stories related to the origin of Valentine’s Day celebration as the day of love. However, the modern-day St. Valentine's Day celebrations are believed to have been derived from Roman traditions as well as ancient Christians too. According to one legend, this day is been originated from an ancient Roman fertility festival celebration of Lupercalia or Lupercalis which was observed on 15th February every year. However, in Europe, the rise of Christianity witnessed numerous pagan holidays that were dedicated to or renamed for the early Christian martyrs. In this regards, Lupercalia was not an exception. Then in 496 AD, the Pope Gelasius changed Lupercalia as a feast day for the Christian day and its observance was set on February 14, a day earlier. He declared the date, 14th February to be the feast day in the respect of the St. Valentine who was a Roman martyr of the 3rd Century. It is Saint Valentine who is honored by the modern Valentine’s Day.

Dating back to history, there are many other Valentine’s Day stories that justified its celebration as the day of love. One such story that originates Valentine celebration says that Claudius, the tyrannical ruler of Rome was against Christianity. However, the Christian martyr named Saint Valentine the follower of Christianity. Claudia imprisoned Valentine where he enormously fell in love with a girl of the jailor. The girl was blind, to whom St. Valentine wrote a letter before his death and signed it as “From your Valentine”. This is how addressing each other as Valentine became common among the lovers. The very next day to his death that is on February 14th, Julia, the blind girl planted an almond tree nearby his grave. This is how the almond tree became the symbol of love as well as friendship for people till today.

Another Valentine story or myth regarding the celebration says that Claudius, the tyrannical ruler of Rome was also against the ritual of the marriage of young men. He has a belief that unmarried man proves to be better soldiers than soldiers who are married. Valentine, the Roman martyr helped many young men to run away and marry. This is how he became the hero and the eternal symbol of love.

Valentine Gifts 2019 - To Make a Heartfelt Statement with a Gift!

Your heart belongs to someone very special, and you want him/her to know it, especially on this Valentine's Day. But, he/she is the one with a unique personality, and you want to give him/her something equally unique and loving. So, how about a personalized Valentine gift? These days, personalized gifts are taking gifting world by storm with their unique concept, theme and of course price which is easy on the pocket! Our range of personalized gifts for Valentine's Day includes photo frames, coffee mugs with hearts printed on them, cushions, key chains, and much more.

Exceptionally Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Selections to Woo Your Love!

Want to shop something special that can match your sweetheart’s personality? To buy alluring Valentine gifts there is too much to explore in the range of unique Valentine day gifts for Boyfriend and Girlfriend and it is swarmed with scores of products under different categories.

Saint Valentine’s Day is a special date in every couple’s calendar and also the best day to show that special somebody how much he/she really is mean to you. We are here with an incredible choice of romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts sure to sweep your lover, beloved off their feet and right into your arms.

Valentine's Day is a great day to spend some quality time together with your special someone and to make this day even more memorable we’re here with exclusive gifts for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to have a romantic treat together or desire to have a sugary delight together, we have a wide collection of yummiest Valentine Chocolates, Valentine cakes, and sugar-coated cookies. Or if you’re planning to let him/her recognize your feelings deep down the heart, we have an extensive selection of thoughtful gifts helping you pick something to stun your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend. Thus, you have got a whole range of Valentine Gifts 2019 with plentiful selections to explore and make choice for that is hard to find anywhere else.

Why ‘Red Roses’ are famous as ‘Symbol of Love’!

Love, roses, and romance are synonymous to each other. There is nothing in this world that shows ‘romance’ more than the long-stem red roses bunched all together. Those silk and soft petals with contrasting green leaves are capable of flooding a heart with ecstasy, love, passion, romance. Giving a designer bunch, bouquet or basket of roses on Valentine’s Day is a novelty statement that pours your heart out conveying what you have in your heart for them.

Valentine Gifts to Rejoice Different Relationship of Togetherness

When the moment is to celebrate the festival of love, it won’t be a gala time for girlfriend and boyfriend. Valentine’s Day is the romantic eve that is to be celebrated by every couple in love. And, when it’s time to decide on what to gift your loving partner, selection should be made sensibly being aware of the kind of relationship you share with him or her. For no further confusion, here are some details to refer –

Valentine's Day Gift for Wife-

The lovely lady you are married to deserves the most thoughtful and romantic valentine present from you. GiftaLove understands your perplexity regarding the selection of that one perfect gift and offers most wonderful selections to help every man in winning the heart of her lady love. Therefore, on exploring the range, one can find impressive selections for gifts like heart shape cushions, personalized coffee mugs, heart shape rose flower arrangements, couple figurine, trendy jewelry, printed mugs and cushions, heart-shaped cakes, chocolate baskets, teddy and chocolate bouquet and much more.

Valentine's Day Gift for Husband

Women are although great gift selectors but for those puzzling moments when you really find it hard to buy valentine gift for husband, has to offer the widest range of thoughtful and impressive varieties of gifts online. Be it personalized wooden plaques, set of cufflinks, wallets, grooming kits, romantic flowers with cake combos, snacking hamper, personalized wall clocks or anything that is there in mind of women looking for an ideal Valentine's Day gift for husband, has to offer most impressive gift selections. So, it’s time to start shopping.

Valentine's Day Gift for Boyfriend –

One thing that excites every woman in love is the face of amazement of her loving partner on getting a surprise gift. Now, when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, at, we are helping every woman to find the best gift online for a boyfriend. The offered range of V-Day gifts for Boyfriend here at GiftaLove has to offer most romantic, unique and impressive gifting selections to shop online. People can buy cakes with flower combos, printed mugs and cushions, pen and dairy combo, cufflink set, personalized wall clock, wallets, grooming kits, dry fruits, a basket of chocolates, personalized beer mugs and much more.

Valentine's Day Gift for Girlfriend

One thing that always makes a guy feel perplexed about is the selection of gift for a girlfriend to surprise her on Valentine’s Day celebration. And, at GiftaLove, we understand how daunting can be the task of finding the perfect gift for sweetheart can be during the season of love. Thankfully here, every boyfriend to loving women needs not to worry at all as here we have to offer a most impressive line of Valentine gifts for girlfriend. Trendy jewelry, personalized table tops, fashionable attires, romantic heart shape flower arrangements, printed mugs and cushions, flower with chocolate combos, handbags, cosmetic hampers, personalized table tops, couple figurine and plenty more is available with an effort of just a few clicks.

Valentine's Day Gift for Fiancé –

You are engaged to a loving partner with whom you will be spending the rest of your life. Having a supportive and loving fiancé beside is one of the most blissful feelings to experience in a lifetime. And, when the romantic day of Valentine celebration falls in between, you got another reason to ignite the feeling of love and strengthen your affectionate bond with your fiancé. Some thoughtful and romantic offerings on our website are heart shape cushions, personalized photo frames, wristwatch, Golden Rose stick, chocolate hampers, Valentine cakes, the basket of teddies, heart shape rose arrangement and lot more.

Valentine's Day for Friend -

Some friends are immensely special and closest to heart. And, when the moment is to celebrate the day of love, friends can’t be ignored as they are special buddies whom we love the most. Keeping in tune to the gifting needs of people willing to buy Valentine Gifts for a friend, has created the range of gifting solutions that is extensive and full of most impressive Gifts. People can buy flowers with chocolate combos, personalized cushions and mugs, flowers bouquets, personalized wooden plaques, photo frames, yellow roses bunch and ample of other impressive gift Items.

Myriad Valentine Gifts Choices to Fit into Every Lover’s Wish

If you want to pamper her, cuddle her, or adore her, here are cute love teddies in our catalog. Don’t worry if you’re short of ideas. You can take help from our page of Valentine ideas for gift and celebration.

To buy Valentine gift our comprehensive range includes everything from flowers, chocolates, cakes, jewelry, special valentine gift hampers, accessories, teddy bears, to cosmetics, spa gift hampers, personalized mugs, cushions, photo frames, key chains and a lot more!

Online Valentine Gifts Delivery - To Parcel Love with Care!

Valentine’s Day is the day to confess love, spend a romantic day hand-in-hand with beloved, surprise each other with love gifts, commit lifetime togetherness and lot more. But there are couples who are connected with hearts but parted by distance. They are the couples in a long-distance relationship. Considering about such couples we are facilitating people with efficient Valentine Gifts Delivery in India and worldwide.

Valentine Gifts in India to Shop at GiftaLove!

Gifts By Recipient Gift Ideas Delivery Type
Girlfriend Flower Hamper Free Delivery
Boyfriend Heart Shaped Red Roses Midnight Delivery
Husband Love Couple Table Tops Same Day Delivery
Wife Rosy Bunch with Chocolates Express Delivery
Fiancé Heart Shape Cakes Fixed Time Delivery

This way, lovers who are miles apart from each other would be able to send Valentine gifts to India or abroad residing beloved within a matter of few clicks. In fact, one from India can also look up for Gifts delivery worldwide and send Valentine's Day Gifts to USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other places around the globe.

Valentine Week – 7 Days of Romantic Celebration

Couples in love celebrate Valentine’s Day as the day of Love but this love festival is not just a matter of one-day celebration, rather it’s a complete week celebration that gives enough time and days for lovers to revive their bond of love. To let lovers rejoice their bond of love, we are offering an exclusive segregated category of Valentine Gifts 2019 for every romantic day of the weeklong celebration. Thus, to let love fortifies for an eternal romantic journey of a lifetime, the weeklong Valentine celebration is celebrated as:

Rose Day on 7th February

The first day of the Valentine Week starts beautifully with beautiful roses. Over years, Roses have been the perfect epitome of love and affection. So, there would have been no other beautiful way of stating the weeklong Valentine week than with Rose Day. And, for this special day of the year, we have a special collection of Rose Day Gifts that provides myriad of impressive, unique and thoughtful gifts for Rose Day!

Propose Day on 8th February

Just after Rose Day, it’s time for the lovers to celebrate Propose Day. The day is meant for the lovers to express their hearty feelings of love to each other. And to make a memorable proposal of love to sweetheart, one can simply go through our exclusive range of Propose Day Gifts that is full of impressive gifts for Propose Day.

Chocolate Day on 9th February

To add little sweetness in the relationship of love, couples celebrate the 3rd day of the Valentine Week as Chocolate Day. As the name of the day, chocolates are a prime concern on this day and couples celebrate the day by gifting delicious chocolaty treats to each other. Therefore, we have come up with an exclusive range of Chocolate Day Gifts that are rich, delicious and sure to give a romantic time to the couples while relishing.

Teddy Day on 10th February

Love is indubitably acute feeling to experience. To express such cute love emotions, Teddy Day is celebrated. Couples express their cutest hearty feelings to each other by gifting Teddy Day Gifts to each other. To find the best Teddy Day gifts, here we offer an exclusive range to explore and for online gift shopping.

Promise Day on 11th February

A lifelong relationship of love fortifies with trust and promises that are to be kept forever. To let couples promise of togetherness forever, Promise Day is been celebrated on the 5th day of the Valentine Week. To help lovers gift the best gift with a lifelong Promise, we have to offer an extensive and exclusive range of Promise Day Gifts online that features ample of unique and heart winning gifting options to shop online.

Hug Day on 12th February

The affectionate warmth of a hug is simply the best gesture of making beloved to feel loved and cared. And, this is the reason that people celebrate the 6th Day of Valentine week as Hug Day. Apart from expressing love to each other with affectionate and warm hugs, couples also show their affectionate side to each other with amazing Hug Day Gifts that are available here at in a variety of choices.

Kiss Day on 13th February

The most eternal and lasting gesture of expressing love is a kiss. In Valentine weeklong celebration Kiss Day is celebrated just one day before the much awaited Valentine’s Day celebration. To make this romantic day, memorable forever, we offer an exclusive catalog for Kiss Day Gifts that connotes the real meaning of love and affection.

Valentine’s Day on 14th February

Finally, when the weeklong celebration of love is over, there arrives the day for people in love to celebrate the much awaited Valentine’s Day. And, to make this romantic day memorable forever, here at GiftaLove, we have a wide collection of online Valentine Gifts 2019. You can buy thoughtful and unique Valentine Gift online to make the day memorable forever for sweetheart.

How Make it Easy to Send Valentine Gifts Online in India and Abroad?

Over the years, the online store has been acclaimed for rendering extensive and trending gift ranges online for every moment of merriment. Now, it’s the efficient delivery service of the gift store that is helping it to win the trust of online gift shoppers and creating another reason for people to buy gifts online. And, in terms of facilitating customers, the online store majorly offers -

Valentine Gifts Delivery in India

Lovebirds connected with heart but parted with distance on Valentine’s Day are the most likely to fall in the urge of conveying love to loving partner with gifts delivery service. With GiftaLove’s efficient delivery service, one can avail –

  • On-Time Courier Service -

For the usual gift delivery need during Valentine celebration, there is the facility for on-time courier service that enables people to send gifts to India anywhere in metro cities, urban cities as well as 3 and 2 tier cities as well.

  • Mid-night delivery-

Understanding the excitement of making every bit of Valentine’s Day special for beloved, GiftaLove facilitates lovers to give a mid-night gift surprise to their significant other with our extensive delivery service. Now, this delivery service makes it a matter of clicks to shop gift online and send Valentine gift online via mid-night gifts delivery service.

  • Same Day Delivery-

GiftaLove cares for those who have missed the right time to order a gift online for Valentine's Day or because of any reason got delayed to buy valentine gift for a sweetheart. Therefore, people get facilitated with same day delivery service and the online store successfully made thousands of people happy with its speedy delivery that assures reach of gift to dear ones within the same day or 24 hours of ordering.

  • Fixed Time Delivery –

If there is any fixed time when one desires to get a gift delivered to the special one in India then again here you get the ease to do so. The online store makes it every way possible for people to surprise beloved on a special or any fixed time.

Gifts Delivery Worldwide

Distance might hamper togetherness on the romantic Valentine eve but where there is a will, there is always a way. Therefore, is there for everyone to let love be conveyed to loving partner far away. And, the efficient and widespread delivery network of the gift store makes it easy for everyone to send gifts for a valentine to USA, Australia, Canada, UK and places across the globe. So, you don't worry at all being miles away from you anywhere across the globe.

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