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    The final product after personalization looks amazing. Keep it up with the awesome services.
    Giftalove's Customer on 23 Feb 2019
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    The engraving of the picture on wood is certainly spectacular. Definitely an innovative gift item from Giftalove.
    Giftalove's Customer on 16 Feb 2019
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    Just love the gift very much. The best part was that is was delivered before time!
    Giftalove's Customer on 14 Feb 2019
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    I totally like the gift. From texture to print, everything is excellent. Thank You GiftaLove.com
    Giftalove's Customer on 07 Feb 2019
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    I am highly satisfied with what I received from giftalove. This wooden plaque looks amazing. Great work giftalove!
    Giftalove's Customer on 28 Jan 2019
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    I purchased these frames to decorate my room. Now my room looks very elegant. Thanks for your quick delivery services.
    Giftalove's Customer on 24 Jan 2019
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    The quality of wooden plaque was fine It was not nicely packed tho. But the delivery was quick!
    Giftalove's Customer on 21 Jan 2019
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    This wooden plaque is very reasonable and the quality of the wood was also great. The quick delivery was a plus factor to this gift.
    Giftalove's Customer on 12 Jan 2019
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    I had a wonderful experience ordering gift from here. It was of nice quality and the recipient loved it very much.
    Giftalove's Customer on 09 Jan 2019
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    The picture that I provided to them was beautifully engraved on the wood. Giftalove totally nailed it.
    Giftalove's Customer on 05 Jan 2019
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    The creativity was a big factor because of which I ordered this gift for my best friend. This was a great gifting experience.
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    I am very happy to order this incredible piece of personalized gift. The image of my friend was beautifully engraved on the wood. Nice work.
    Giftalove's Customer on 25 Dec 2018
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    I was so surprised after receiving my order of this wooden plaque. The image which I provided them to be engraved on the wood looked so similar to the original one. Highly recommend this gift item to other people!
    Giftalove's Customer on 23 Dec 2018
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    I gifted this to my parents on their wedding anniversary and they were really happy to get it. Engraved picture of their wedding really bought a different touch to the gift.
    Giftalove's Customer on 20 Dec 2018
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    I really appreciate their efforts in making the anniversary gift awesome. The wood used in the photo frame was of good quality and their delivery service is incredible. I really liked the laser engraving technique on my gift item.
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Dec 2018
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    This personalized gift was really amazing. This was my first order with Giftalove.. My experience is incredible.
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Dec 2018
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    This personalized gift was so incredible and beautiful. I ordered it for my husband and he liked it very much. The picture I provided to Giftalove for creating this wonderful gift was beautifully engraved on the wood. Hats off to such perfection.
    Giftalove's Customer on 06 Dec 2018
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    We gifted this to a friend's wedding and the couple was really happy, a picture of them engraved in it. Such a great gift for a wedding.
    Giftalove's Customer on 05 Dec 2018
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    The keyring was unexpectedly awesome. I mean whenever I unlock my bike, the photo of my sweet wife comes in front of my eyes.
    Giftalove's Customer on 30 Nov 2018
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    My husband loved the gift. Nice work
    Giftalove's Customer on 30 Nov 2018
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    Though, I purchased this gift for my father’s birthday but it worked very well. Thanks giftalove for providing an amazing and unique gift.
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    I gifted this product to my parents on their 25th anniversary. They find it incredible.
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    i am impressed as the photo of my father on wooden frame was looking so lively. Good Work Giftalove
    Giftalove's Customer on 27 Nov 2018
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    The concept of the gift is good but it required more finesse in work.
    Giftalove's Customer on 21 Nov 2018
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    I ordered this product for my husband’s birthday. He just love it.
    Giftalove's Customer on 19 Nov 2018
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    This plaque was not that good as expected. But the delivery was on time.
    Giftalove's Customer on 29 Oct 2018
  • fantanstic service       4 
    hi its fantastic to deal with you however sometimes it delivered too early .
    Harry Chawla on 06 Oct 2018
  • Just like in the Picture!       5 
    The wooden plaque was just like in the picture. It was also of good quality and did not cheap at all. Worth the purchase.
    Giftalove's Customer on 14 Aug 2018