• Beautiful it is!!       5 
    It is such a wonderful gift! GiftaLove, thank you so much for making our occasion memorable one!! Thank you once again for the great job!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 14 Sep 2019
  • Clear print!!       5 
    The best part is that on my gift, you have printed my photo very clearly. I am very happy with this gift. Thank you so much giftaLove for the loving gift and fastest delivery. You are really doing great job!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Sep 2019
  • Amazing Concept!       5 
    I liked the concept of printing the thoughts and words instead of that boring photo thing. Also, the cup I got today was very amazing. Looking forward for the friendship day!
    Giftalove's Customer on 28 Jul 2019
  • Nice mug!       5 
    The mug I received was very amazing and also the quality of the printed photo was very good. It will not come out with wash. Impressed with the work.
    Giftalove's Customer on 26 Jul 2019
  • So happy!!       5 
    I want to appreciate your service and product as well. GiftaLove, you are doing great job!! I am very happy with my gifts. Thanks once again for making our anniversary memorable one with your loving gift!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 24 Jun 2019
  • On time Delivery.       5 
    Very nice personalization done on the mug. My boyfriend liked it very much.
    Giftalove's Customer on 15 May 2019
  • Nice!!       5 
    the one thing I liked the most about this gift is that you beautifully and clearing place the image. Also, picture quality is very nice. Overall, nice gift!! Thank you so much. I am very happy with your service!
    Giftalove's Customer on 12 May 2019
  • Lovely mug!!       5 
    Thank you GiftaLove!! It is very pretty and got it on-time. Very good experience with you !!
    Giftalove's Customer on 19 Apr 2019
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    I am very satisfy with the product. Great job, keep it up!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 15 Apr 2019
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    Mug looks nice and timely delivery was done.
    Giftalove's Customer on 12 Apr 2019
  • Very Nice Personalized mug       5 
    The coffee mug looks fantastic. the photo was nicely printed on the mug. My mumma loved it. Thank you for making her happy.
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Apr 2019
  • 1. Good one!!       5 
    I am very happy with the quality of gift as well as from your service. Great job GiftaLove, Keep it up!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 22 Feb 2019
  • Thanks giftalove       5 
    I was soo soo happy to receive this mug. It was simple and cute and was very nicely packed.
    Giftalove's Customer on 23 Jan 2019
  • Thank You GiftaLove!!!       5 
    Thank you GiftaLove, my brother loves it. Your service is remarkable and also, happy with the quality of product!
    Giftalove's Customer on 19 Jan 2019
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    Your service is really impressive I mean you guys have delivered my mug real soon. Thank you Giftalove.
    Giftalove's Customer on 04 Jan 2019
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    I gifted this mug to my dad with a beautiful picture of us. He was so happy and loved it.
    Giftalove's Customer on 02 Jan 2019
  • Nice personalized mug       5 
    I ordered this mug for my mother. The image was nicely put on the mug and the print is clear as well.
    Giftalove's Customer on 26 Dec 2018
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    Really loved this product! The setting of the picture on the mug was bang on.
    Giftalove's Customer on 02 Dec 2018
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    My father just loved it. Amazing picture quality on the mug.
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Nov 2018
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    Amazing gift for Father’s Day. My father loved it! Thanks Giftalove.
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    Happy with everything in this gift item
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