• Lucky Fortune Hamper       5 
    This gift hamper is very beautiful and attractive. My Diwali has become more beautiful and blissful with the Buddha idol.
    Giftalove's Customer on 22 Oct 2019
  • beautiful Ganesha Idol!       5 
    This idol is looking very beautiful and pretty, My Diwali will be more special with this gift!
    Giftalove's Customer on 22 Oct 2019
  • Perfect one!!       4 
    This is the amazing gift and I loved it very much. thank you for delivering it on-time. Thank you very much once again!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 05 Oct 2019
  • The best!!       5 
    I bought this gift to give to my friend as a congratulation gift on the joining day of her first job!! She liked it very much and she was happy. This gift was so cute and attractive. Thank you so much giftalove for the nice experience.
    Giftalove's Customer on 23 Sep 2019
  • Very pretty!!       5 
    It is really good combo and I must say that your delivery service is so nice. Thank you so much GiftaLove for this one and surely want to visit you soon. I would like to recommend your site to other people as well.
    Giftalove's Customer on 21 Sep 2019
  • Like it so much!!       5 
    GiftaLove, it is really a thoughtful combo for the Diwali. I liked it so much and sending it for my friend and hope, she would love it too. Thank you so much for the sweetest Diwali gift combo. Very happy with your gifts!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 16 Sep 2019
  • Good one!!       5 
    It is really very beautiful gift and I am satisfied with the quality of it. Also, thank you so much for delivering it as per the promise time.
    Giftalove's Customer on 14 Sep 2019
  • Very thoughtful & Pretty!!       5 
    I am very impressed with this thoughtful gifts. It is the perfect gift for the auspicious occasion. I am buying it now, please deliver it on-time and I would like to mention that your customer care service is very good. I have doubt about something and they resolve my doubt very politely. happy with your delivery service and gifts!
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Sep 2019
  • Great!!       5 
    Hey GiftaLove, first of all, thank you so much for the wonderful experience with you. And, it was a nice gift and I gifted it to my brother and he liked it so much. Thanks for making him happy!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 09 Sep 2019
  • Love it!!       5 
    It is an antique piece and it is really looking very pretty and cute. Surely want to buy it. Hope you would deliver it on-time. Thank you !!
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Sep 2019
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    I must say that your delivery service is really commendable and product quality no doubt is the best. Surely want to buy something else from you soon. GiftaLove you are doing really great job and please keep it up.
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Sep 2019
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    I am very impressed with the quality of your product. It is really a nice gift and I am very happy that I bought it from you. From delivery service to quality, everything is perfect.
    Giftalove's Customer on 07 Sep 2019
  • Love it!!       5 
    Box is very beautiful and all dry fruits in it was good quality. Feeling worth spending money on it. Thank you so much giftalove for this lovely gift! Also, your delivery service is so smooth. First time, I purchased it from you and I am very satisfied with your product and service!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 01 Sep 2019
  • Beautiful!!       5 
    I loved it very much. It was beautiful beyond the imagination. I ordered it for my grandmother on her anniversary. She also liked it so much!! Thanks giftaLove for the thoughtful gift!!
    Giftalove's Customer on 28 May 2019
  • Unique and lovely!!       4 
    I liked this gift so much. I ordered to give my friend on the occasion of her birthday. It is excellently designed and finished. Such a nice experience with you Giftalove. Surely want to visit you soon. Thanks giftalove for the best experience with you.
    Giftalove's Customer on 24 Mar 2019
  • Satisfied with my order       4 
    The Ganesha idol was nicely packed so there was no chance of breaking. It is also looking exactly like in the picture.
    Giftalove's Customer on 16 Jan 2019
  • Very wonderful gift.       5 
    The Ganpati idol, the decorative diyas, and fresh cashews are excellent accompaniments in this gift hamper. The arrangement of all these items in the beautiful basket was also nice.
    Giftalove's Customer on 11 Jan 2019
  • Excellent product.       5 
    The packaging is material is so good for diwali gift. After getting the first on, I reordered 5 items
    Souvik samanta on 28 Nov 2018
  • Beautiful statue.       5 
    The Buddha statue was beautiful and elegant. I place the order for this gift for the purpose of home décor. I have placed it on the main shelf of the living room for positivity and good luck in my house. Keep bringing such fantastic gifts giftalove that serve the purpose of home décor
    Giftalove's Customer on 20 Nov 2018
    26 27 F SITARAM BUILDING, on 06 Oct 2018