• Thumbs up!       5 
    Very beautiful looking cushion with good quality. Keep up the good work Giftalove. Will be back soon with more orders!
    Giftalove's Customer on 09 Feb 2019
  • A big thank You GifaLove!!!       5 
    Your gift helps me a lot to make sweetheart happy again. Thank you for on time delivery.
    Giftalove's Customer on 27 Jan 2019
  • Beautiful cushion       4 
    The cushion looks very colorful and beautiful and my mother likes it a lot. Thanks giftalove for this wonderful gift.
    Giftalove's Customer on 23 Jan 2019
  • Beautiful cushion.       5 
    The quality was wonderful and the delivery was also fast.
    Giftalove's Customer on 19 Jan 2019
  • Nice Cushion       5 
    Gifted this birthday cushion to my best friend. It was very fluffy and the print was clean.
    Giftalove's Customer on 17 Jan 2019
  • Lovely!!       4 
    Its texture is skin friendly and thank you Giftalove for your amazing gift
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Jan 2019
  • Cute cushion delivered on time       5 
    The cushion was very soft and comfy. The print on the cushion is also very romantic and clear.
    Giftalove's Customer on 16 Dec 2018
  • Awesome Gift it is!!       5 
    I ordered for this personalized cushion for my sister. I have to say thanks to Giftalove for good quality printing for which i was a little doubtful. My sister loved the gift. Thus, i am happy but please improvise your delivery service a little.
    Giftalove's Customer on 02 Dec 2018
  • Fast Delivery Service       4 
    I was not expecting it to receive a day before. Quality is also nice.
    Giftalove's Customer on 01 Dec 2018
  • Quality wasn't satisfactory       3 
    Although, the delivery was on time but I am not satisfied with its quality as it was torn from one side.
    Giftalove's Customer on 28 Nov 2018
  • On-Time Delivery       5 
    One of the best online gifting portal.Great experience with this portal.
    Giftalove's Customer on 13 Nov 2018
  • Product was Ok but the delivery was pathetic.       3 
    It got delivered to me after 2 days of my estimated order date. The quality was also not that good.
    Giftalove's Customer on 04 Nov 2018
  • Extremely good!       5 
    This personalized cushion is an incredible gift for moms. I ordered it for my mom and she got really emotional. Tha nks u giftalove for beinging such happy moments in my life.
    Giftalove's Customer on 22 May 2018
  • Kudos to giftalove       5 
    I received the cushion which was very similar to the picture. The print on the photo was very clear and did not look of low quality. It would have been awesome if there were more options in the cushions otherwise I love this website and their service very much.
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Mar 2018