• Cake quality ok       4 
    divge89 on 22 May 2019
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    I placed the order of this beautiful gift for wishing my mother on the occasion of mother’s day. I just received call from my mom, she really liked it. She was very happy with mu surprise. I am far from my mother, I was not able to come at her place but with the help of you GiftaLove, mu gift is there. I am so thankful to you for the lovely gift and on-time delivery.
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    This one I ordered to my wife, she was impressed with my thoughtfulness and also she liked the gift very much. Thanks GiftaLove you made her birthday so special with the amazing gift.
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    I just want to tell everyone nothing can be better to celebrate the valentine day than this beautiful heart-shape cake. It was not only has the mesmerize look but it was highly delicious. I ordered this one for celebrating valentine day first time after my marriage. It just made our valentine day more special. Thank you so much giftalove for such as thoughtful cake and nice service.
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    Thank you so much for delivering it on time and making my wife’s birthday memorable
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    I love, how beautifully you add the pictures without compromising the quality of the picture
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