10 Low-Light Houseplants for a Sophisticated Interior: The Garden Lover

Are you the one who loves gardening but don’t have enough home space to thrive your lofty hobby? If yes, then hold your trowel as we are going to unfurl 10 houseplants that require minimum space and can survive even in the darkest corner of your home. Yes, you heard right!

As the standard of living increased, the number of houses and apartments stacked up to the major land area. These high-rise buildings have created a situation of insufficient sunlight, thereby making even a lavish home unsuitable for growing plants. We can say that perhaps, mother earth had prophesied this deteriorated condition centuries ago and hence, treasured us with such plants that grow in shade and minimum resources.

Reckoning plants to interior designing is just not a trend. Instead, it is very important to health as well. It is believed that spending time with these green-friends can bring a positive aura to the home. Therefore, to not lack you from all these green-benefits, below are 10 plants that will demand less sunlight and space. Let’s begin.


Looking for a low-light plant with blossoming colours and divine aroma? If nodding yes, then bring Bromeliads to your home interior. The leaves of the plant are symmetric and flat in texture that adds a defined edge to the house.


Snake Plant

Swap the artificial room freshener with the snake plant pot as it constitutes air-purifying contents to keep the atmosphere ventilated. Also, this plant is best for someone who is mostly out of station for his work.

Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Want to paint your home with bright green and yellow colours, if yes then add spider plant in your green-family. The plant eliminates bad odour and toxic fumes from the atmosphere while boosting mental and physical health.

Spider Plant

Money Plant

The money plant is best for someone who wants to add green elegance to his walls. Due to its beauty and health benefit properties, these climbers become ideal for offices, homes, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

Money Plant

Peace Lily

Thriving to induce peace into your home or workspace, if yes then peace lily is all you want. These plants ask for less water and sunlight. It has the pristine aroma and when striking the flowers of this plant, it accelerates room atmosphere by 5%.

Peace Lily

Peacock Plant

The plant demands low to moderate sunlight and carries celestial aroma to purify the atmosphere. These symmetric and colourful leaves add an elegant and patterned edge to the home interior.

peacock plant

Dragon Tree

It is among those plants that rarely need many resources to survive. Its finely cut leaves and rough stems thrive indoor beauty to a next level.

dragon tree


If looking for an ornamental indoor plant, then go nowhere with Philodendron. This plant is best to be grown in darker areas. It helps in aiding severe allergies, illness and ugly skin marks.

Parlor Palm

The plant demands moderate humidity and low levels of natural sunlight. It is a minimalist plant and hence asks for less maintenance and care. It can be easily grown in and out of the home.

parlor palm

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen is counted among the most durable houseplants that can even survive poor ventilation, scarcity of water and sunlight. Its broad and thick leaves reckon the indoor interior with WOW factor.

chinese evergreen

These beautiful and minimalist green plants can make even a novice gardener an expert one. These plants are not only valued for its minimal nature but also for its health benefit constituents. Even if you are less with resources, with these natures’ wonder you can still go green.