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    The heart shaped cake looks amazing and also tastes yummy. well done!
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    very delicious chocolate cake! I will order again. Thanks a lot!
    Giftalove's Customer on 20 Feb 2019
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    This cake was delivered to me on estimated time. The fruits topped on tha cake were also fresh. Thanks team.
    Giftalove's Customer on 08 Feb 2019
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    I ordered first time with your portal and I was little bit scared about its taste. Because, it is my first experience with you. But after eating it, I must say what a cake it was. Such as delicious cake! Surely want to shop with you again. Thank you gift a love for the yummiest cake.
    Giftalove's Customer on 04 Feb 2019
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    I am very delighted to order this cake from Giftalove. Very fresh and delicious.
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    This red velvet cake was the best one that I had so far. It’s bread was soft and the creamy was delicious. Definitely recommend this
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    I just loved the flavors of this cake and the frosting was so creamy and yummy.
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    The flavors in this cake were really fresh and amazing. Overall a nice experience.
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    the cake looks just like in the picture. It was very tasty!
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    The lemon and vanilla cake was very delicious. Thanks giftalove.
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    This is my very first order from GiftaLove and I am glad with this purchase. The cake was fresh and very tasty. Keep up the good work!
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    The taste and presentation of the cake were good. Choco-chip was adding more taste to the cake. keep it up Giftalove.
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    Very happy to recieve the cake. It was delicious and all my friends loved it. But but there was a delay in the delivery. But thats okay!
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    A perfect chocolate cake for every chocolate lover. It was pure chocolate in every bite. It was so fresh and yummy that it won’t let you stop at one bite. It had a freshness of chocolate with an ultimate simple decoration. The cake was delivered on time as well. Really satisfied with the service.
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    The cake arrived a little late than the date expected. Other than that i really loved it. It was for my sister's birthday. She loved it so i am happy.
    Giftalove's Customer on 13 Jun 2018